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pineapple rum bbq sauce
Sauces and Rubs

Pineapple Rum BBQ Sauce


 Pineapple Rum BBQ Sauce is the perfect tropical compliment to chicken, ribs and pork. This easy to make BBQ sauce is sure to please your guests at your next summer BBQ. I made this sauce with Ron Viejo De Caldas. It is a Colombian rum aged in oak casks. It’s […]

Pittsburgh style coleslaw

Pittsburgh Style Coleslaw Recipe


 The first time I tried this style of coleslaw was at Primanti Brothers on one of their huge sandwiches. If you have never tried one of their monster sandwiches put it on your bucket list. They serve them on fresh cut bread with French fries stuffed inside. The combination of […]

espreso rub
Sauces and Rubs

Espresso Rub


                 When I cook ribs the foundation of flavor is the rub. Too much rub and you risk overpowering the smoke you spent hours cooking into the meat. Too little rub and the flavors will not bind together. Just the right amount of rub will tie the ribs, smoke, meat […]

Carolina Spicy BBQ Sauce
Sauces and Rubs

Spicy Carolina BBQ Sauce


 BBQ sauce is like pizza. There are different styles from different regions of the country. Some people like only one style and there are other people, like me, who enjoy all the varieties for their unique flavor. When most people think BBQ sauce they imagine a dark burgundy colored sauce, […]




 Over the past few years I went through several wireless thermometers. I have been disappointed in all of them. Recently I purchased a new smoker, which I will review later, and decided it was time once again to purchase a wireless thermometer. The previous ones I have purchased on a […]